Christmas 2014, How 2 have a Christmas to remember.

Good day para-peeps, or should I say seasons greeting one and all, welcome back to another beautiful day in The Paradox. Today we take the time to reminisce about the true meaning of Christmas, whether it is to believe in Santa Clause (who the other day got arrested for drinking while intoxicated on egg nogs and picking up too many Ho Ho Ho’s), the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ (if you are a Sunday worshiper) or just the simple beautiful of spending time with the ones you care about the most, your brand new plasma screen TV. Anyways here are a couple of pics of people who full joyed Christmas 2013.

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So this year (2014) was a blast and we watched as it grew us mentally, physically and financially (or the opposite) but we have to give thanks because we SURVIVED IT. Thus, try to make this Christmas something to remember for you, for a friend, for a child or even for a stranger and remember that giving and caring is what makes you a better person, even if you never get anything in return.

Now let’s get down to business as no matter what, as we say in Jamaica “Money Affi Mek”, its time to look at how to make your Christmas a good one by NOT being broke before New Years day. This season is not just about giving its about Selling, all the prices go down so that every business man and woman profit can go up, so why shouldn’t your? So do you want to know the best way to make some extra cash this Christmas? Do you want to not just enjoy some egg nog and fruit cake on Christmas and eat left over pasta on New Years day? Well here is how it works, affiliate programs dudes. Sure your now like “yea been there, done that, didn’t work”, do you want to know why? You cannot just think like a sale person trying to sell a product for a company, you have to think like a person selling a product for YOUR BUSINESS. You have to learn what products people want aka in high demand and choose those products. Products that are also hot are the ones on SALE, why? No one like to pay full price for an item that they can get for 50% off on a special day. So as eBay, amazon and commission junction customers are in buy, buy, buy mode you need to figure out a plan to sell, sell, sell to your target market. This and remember you will need a method of payment that works for the company in which I have already spoke about Payoneer Master debit cards, where if you sign up with my link you get $25 for joining. So after that’s set up all you have to do is tell your find your products and tell your friends, family member, class mates, total stranger (please approach with caution) and even the social media about this great product you saw on the site you are affiliated with. Now you got to start early to start earning for the Christmas (and for the rest of your online lives).

Well that’s it for today’s adventures of the wonderful world of The Paradox. Good Night Folkes.


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SHALOM Fellow Paradoxians and welcome to the new Hebrew Paradox….ok just kidding but it is nice to always learn something new but sometimes we all fail to complete the learning process by actually committing to the end. For most off y’all you’d have already figured out that is my girl friend who is actually forcing me to write this post but hey why not have some fun with it lol.

Its is said that from the beginning of time persons were destined to search near and far for the one they can call their soul mate, or just for a burger, and at the end of that journey they would find true happiness which is true but what happens when the brick wall is reached when one party wants to commit and the other just wants to party. So what is did was to break this into segments to see how each sex feels about devoting themselves as man and woman in holy matrimony. Today we shall be looking at the guys, why? cause I’m a dude and my girlfriends asleep so you can only get my view right now.

Quick Know-IT : Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, person, activity, etc.

Its is said that guys tend to Fear or Run away from commitment likely hood of that background is true but there are a lot of factor that causes that pushing away action. Some of such factors are:

– The letting down their guard and loving another

– The fear of being “tied down” to a girl they may be miserable with

– Missing out on trying to own their persuasion skill aka the hunt or looking a cattie

– The fact that they will have to learn to give the other party they’re all

– Restriction (conditions applied)

– The thought that was placed in their head to say that as much as it’s a beautiful thing it also a death wish

And these are some of the excuses why guys may not take the leap of faith with a girl they may or may not love. As a guy i do have to say that a lot of girls may not understand that due to the factor of being grown in a certain way by fathers to be a gallis, womanizer, player or whatever you may call it and beginning to enjoy the hunt it makes it harder (but not impossible) to become a committed person. The truth is most male persons who are even in a committed relationship cheat on their partner because they are used to the fun of the flirting, hunting and even capturing stage that is mainly found in meeting someone new. So girls, give your partner time because even if he still believes he has to hunt for fun at the end of the day he wouldn’t want to lose you and dudes as fun as it may see you have to respect your partner and control you ways because she is grown in a different way (which you’ll hear about next time) and more attached to her emotional side (though far from a weakling) because if she loves you, truly loves you, she will stop the world for you but you have to be willing to do the same.





Bushland by Arthur Patchett Martin



Not sweeter to the storm-tossed mariner
Is glimpse of home, where wife and children wait
To welcome him with kisses at the gate,
Than to the town-worn man the breezy stir
Of mountain winds on rugged pathless heights:
His long-pent soul drinks in the deep delights
That Nature hath in store. The sun-kissed bay
Gleams thro’ the grand old gnarled gum-tree boughs
Like burnished brass; the strong-winged bird of prey
Sweeps by, upon his lonely vengeful way —
While over all, like breath of holy vows,
The sweet airs blow, and the high-vaulted sky
Looks down in pity this fair Summer day
On all poor earth-born creatures doomed to die.

Arthur Patchett Martin
WWWOOOOOOHHHHH!!!! Sorry about that but as much as this may not been a Paradox original (due to the fact I have writers block because of exams tomorrow) but I still have to give some recognition to this being the 200th post on the amateur but lovable little website….I would like to just say an awesome thanks for all the support you’ll have been giving me and I am loving the work you all are doing also… trust me you guys have some great stuff I would love to just get to chat with y’all one day to see what really goes on in your heads when you think of a post, ROCK ON! Anyways imma make like a banana and split but till next time remember Affiliate Programs is the way to go and Hard Work is one of the many keys to Success

Home and Love By Robert William Service

Home And Love

Just Home and Love! the words are small Four little letters unto each; And yet you will not find in all The wide and gracious range of speech Two more so tenderly complete: When angels talk in Heaven above, I’m sure they have no words more sweet

Than Home and Love.
Just Home and Love! it’s hard to guess Which of the two were best to gain; Home without Love is bitterness; Love without Home is often pain. No! each alone will seldom do; Somehow they travel hand and glove: If you win one you must have two,

Both Home and Love.
And if you’ve both, well then I’m sure You ought to sing the whole day long; It doesn’t matter if you’re poor With these to make divine your song. And so I praisefully repeat, When angels talk in Heaven above, There are no words more simply sweet

Than Home and Love.

Robert William Service