Bringing Back Value:

Hey there para-peeps! It as truly been while since I have engulfed myself into some helpful and motivating posts, years to be exact. A lot has happened and of course as lot has changed BUT I did not come back empty-handed. So here is my gift to you on how to earn some extra cash, especially if you’re not working any at all!!.

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Congratulations On Your Graduation

Hard work, long nights of studying, ignoring or sleeping through what the teacher was saying to you in class and wishing you had paid more attention to them when you see that same topic on the test paper and now you stand tall while your parents watch with tears in their eyes. “Yes! I’ve done it! I am now a proud GRADUATE and it feels sooo good” is the only thing going through your mind and to your success I tip my hat and commend you on achievement.
High school, the real jump starter of your life into adulthood isn’t it? we all know that just because you studied law means that you will become a great lawyer because you achieved passing grades in that subject area or a doctor cause you achieved a certificate for most outstanding performance. What it means is now you have passed some subjects that even you didn’t know you were taking and those lessons are LIFE LESSONS. School commences at 7:30 so you have to be there before that time teaching time management, “tucking in” your shirts and wearing you skirts 5 inches below you knee teaches cleanliness and decency, the detention room teaches you punishment for crimes committed within the school (or law) and there are so many more things the school teaches us like team work, dedication, leadership and the list goes on. So when you stand with your classmates in what we would call the final stand, reminiscing about when you just started school and never knew time would fly by so fast. You have met some great friends and even some enemies, some admirers and even some crushes, great teachers and strict punishment but now, it will all become great tails you will one day tell your kids and motivate them always aim high and achieve the success needed in life and be as proud as you were. I’d Like to say congratulations to my little bro, Jevaughn [Jay Jay] Mckoy, for working as hard as possible to reach to where you stood today as a proud graduate of Jamaica College (JC). You are indeed a champion and I wish you the best in the rest of your endeavors in life. You have made everyone proud.

Graduate, Jay Jay Mckoy

-Dedicated To Jay Jay

School Systems! Are They Truely Molding Our Kids Right?

I know this topic will more be seen positively on the case of school have been doing a great job with teaching our kids to become great, respected and intellectual individuals but can schools do better? Ok, think about it, as a teacher you may have a class of say 30-40 students for the year or semester. Within that year you learn to each child’s name, strengths, weaknesses, personality, problems whether at home or with classmates or friends and a lot more. So what about the persons who are weak in your subject area but stronger in another subject, im not saying they should quit the class but you are there with them and see what they can do! A lot of kids choose they subjects based on the fact that their parents told them to because you cant be a doctor by doing visual arts even though you have amazing artistic skills…these kids hear are college students who want people to hear their voice. I may not agree with everything said pertaining to drop out and slackers but they have some serious points that would like to be heard. So listen keenly, don’t shun them the minute you hear something you don’t agree with, and let me hear your views down below in out comment box.

-Free Your Mind And Think