A Dab Of Inspiration

Like Leonardo da Vinci to his beautiful Mona Lisa or the fresh smell of a coffee in the morning we are all inspired to be greatness (even if it is at being lazy) by the simple but substantial influences around us. As we even sit around out computers, tablets and phones reading and writing we are inspired to do more with our lives and be who we are in the ways we know best. A friend of mine once said that “we are inspired fairly to motivate ourselves to do what we perceive as impossible“. A simple smile from the love of your life can make you feel motivated to take that winning shot at a soccer game or that one person that told you that you can do it makes you have hope once more. It’s amazing was a little inspiration can do to someone so I would like you, my awesome new friends, my amazing authors and my extraordinary worldwide family to remember that your mind is a wonderful place that once filled with positive thoughts (no matter the circumstances) can change your life, forever.
Free your beautiful minds and think


Ok so yesterday at 7:35 pm president Obama set foot on Jamaican soil for the first (known) time in history. The reason for the visit is still unclear to many but trust me when I say this, its an honor to have him here anyways.
On another note, it is still a bit shocking how this visit does not accommodate both the country’s political parties, Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) and Peoples National Party (PNP). My view is, which also may be yours, that as a COUNTRY, this visit should be a great learning experience for our country’s leaders, not implying that they are not trying their best. Any advice being given should be to both parties, any capital given or lent should be recorded and seen by both parties, any new regulations being set should be hear by both parties. I am not a voter because I have yet to see a leader being put in the Jamaican Prime Minister seat in this generation that fulfill their “promises” and duties properly and in an effective and professional manner BUT people are amazing creations that have the ability to learn, unlearn, then relearn information. The point im trying to make is, I find it rather distasteful someone of this high standard, #presidentobama, comes to Jamaica and one political party decides to only allow the other to meet him for 2 minutes, if that long, and not allowed to hear what plans or even the true reason for the visit. Now how do we look as a country, I would say childish. COMMENT BELOW OR ON FACEBOOK AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK?
However, I cant stop saying I appreciate the visit from the US President Barrack Obama, and I do wish I had the opportunity to see you in person, but unfortunately I have work lol *sigh* :(. That’s all for today para-peeps until next time love….



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